The sending of a church plant is a clash of emotions. Are you familiar with “the polar plunge”? It’s an event in which once warm and happy men and women choose (foolishly) to jump into waters much too cold for sane people. Having been a part of both now, I can say they are quite similar. Shocking, painful, even breathtaking – yet what a wake up!

On November 22nd, after much preparation and prayer, Calvary Littleton celebrated the sending of its very first church plant, the first grandbaby of the Calvary Family of Churches. Truthfully, it is both bitter and sweet, knowing that we leave behind friends and stability, yet expectant of great things. Nothing could compel such foolishness but Jesus, the hope of nations, and of my own heart. And so, we go with both tears and laughter, anxious to see light enter darkness, to preach hope to the hopeless, and to see Jesus become non-ignorable in Denver and to the ends of the earth.

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